Get an autographed copy of The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Practical Wisdom

The Humanist Approach to Happiness by Jennifer HancockGet an autographed copy of The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Practical Wisdom

by Jennifer Hancock

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Jennifer is now offering a limited number of autographed copies of her book for sale through this site, The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Practical Wisdom.

What you need to know

These books are only available to people residing in the United States. If you live elsewhere in the world and would like to get an autographed copy, contact Jennifer to see what the shipping costs will be

These autographed books are on sale for $16.00 each. This is about $4.00 more then the list price of $11.99 more then the cost of an unsigned book through this same website. If you want to get the book for cheaper and don't need a signed copy, go to the book page for more information.

You may only order one autographed copy at a time. If you want multiple copies signed, please contact Jennifer to arrange that.

There will be a 6.5% tax added to your purchase ($1.04 total). This is to cover the tax of the item sold and is the tax rate for Manatee County Florida where Jennifer resides and where the sale is technically being made. Jennifer is legally registered to collect sales tax in the state of Florida. Certificate #51-8015473773-5

The shipping and handling cost is $3.00. This covers both the cost of the envelopes and the postage to whereever in the US you are. Again, if you are not in the USA and would like an autographed copy, contact Jennifer to arrange that. If you attempt to purchase an autographed copy and don't reside in the US, Jennifer will be forced to refund your money and as we all know, that's a bit of a hassle, so please don't put her through that, she begs you. Just contact her and she will make arrangements for you separately. Likewise, if you need multiple copies of her book autographed, contact her directly to make those arrangements.

You may leave special instructions for the autograph on the order page if you would like your autograph customized specially for you.

You should receive your book in about 2 weeks. Books will be sent through the USPS.

And finally, if you purchase an autographed book, you will automatically be added to Jennifer's mailing list. Don't worry, you can always unsubscribe when you get the welcome email. However, you should know that Jennifer only really uses this list to send out monthly e-newsletters and to provide special freebies for her fans, so you may want to stay on for a couple of months to see whether you like being on the list or not before unsubscribing.

Your total book cost including tax and shipping and handling will be $20.04. If you are still interested in getting an autographed copy of Jen's book after reading all her disclaimers you may

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